Passu-Times اُردو

History of PASSU TIMES.!!
Passu Times was the first ever local news on web. The first time it was published in June 14, 1999 in Karachi, Pakistan. Passu Student’s Association was the organization come up with the new idea of online local news through Internet like blog, yahoo, MSN and moved to Passu Times.
From 1999 to 2004 Passu-Times was successful because of it’s high viewership around the world and after five years Passu Times closed their online activities because of some technical reason. Today in a modern world Social Network and Media are playing vital role.
The Importance of Social media has given us great ways to protect and build our digital reputations. Today we have the ease of searching conversations, the ability to set alerts to help us monitor our names, the constant availability of learning opportunities and more ways to communicate and interact with others. All of these tools, which were not available just a few years ago, now make it possible for us to be proactive in maintaining, building and protecting your personal brand and help spread word-of-mouth about our books.
Developing a personal brand takes time, but the good news is that the tools are free and you already have the expertise in your field. Social media now allows you to share your knowledge and build a following. Once you “know” your readers you’ll have a lot more control over your career and will be able to promote not just your books but also your apps, conferences, videos, webinars, websites and more. Your personal brand will make you more valuable to your publisher and agent as well.

Local News for Global Citizens , Passu-Times “The Right Way, The Right Time”


9 responses to “ABOUT US

  1. Khudadad Alidad (USA)

    The Passu Times was the only source of local news of Gilgit-Baltistan in 2003 when I was in Canada.Nice to see PT back.

  2. – A legendary and thought provoking Day its for me after a long gap to hear that the Youth of Passu Proved that they have the capacity and capability to make History.
    -I personally Congratulate in my capacity & on behalf of GECA AC & EC to every individuals for their idea, time and such a written works. We pray and what ever is in our capacity we never hesitate to contribute for making it i.e.” Passu Time” a vibrant media of information source.
    -The Team have to remember that together you bring and make a difference. So, be always together.

    Once again Congratulation to the TEAM.

  3. good initiative. congrats

  4. Nice to hear about the rejuvenation of Passu Times; the past is never dead it is not even past, the only source of news and bridging commuters together in the beginning of previous decade, “Passu Times” is need of the time indeed. Because knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased consistently… get going, move forward and aim high. Best wishes

  5. Ahmed Jami Sakhi

    This is a great initiative by a group of young Passvicks, I appreciate their efforts to highlight the events that take place in Gojal-Hunza or elsewhere with reference to our region. We are living in the age of mass media where there is an explosion of information all around us, therefore, we need to be informed about the socio-economic and cultural activities that impact our lives directly or indirectly. I think this initiative allows people of diverse interest to share and contribute their information on this site, be it academic, social, cultural, tourism or economics and trading related information. Keep together and united for this noble cause and you will find us with you at all milestones….

  6. Congratulation!! for such a brilliant idea for sharing information’s .indeed it will help us to update our knowledge related to our region.
    Keep it up with high motivation. Best of luck

  7. Great initiative Congratulation…..

  8. A.Rehman Alvi

    Very positive initiative by the youth of Passu to provide platform for communication.The editorial is balanced and of good standard.keep it up and sky is the limit in the era of G3G4technology.

  9. Meherban karim (USA)

    congratulation passu times team …its wonderful to see such a good site for the local news,well done and keep it up..

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